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  • Photo of Mohamed Abdirisak

    Mohamed Abdirisak
    Major(s): Neuroscience
    Class of 2018 (Expected)

  • Photo of John Adebayo

    John Adebayo
    Major(s): Physics (Applied)
    Minor(s): Math
    Class of 2018 (Expected)

  • Photo of Josh Cannon

    Joshua Cannon
    Major(s): Computer Informatics
    Minor(s): Business
    Class of Class of 2018 (Expected)

  • Photo of Ian Chavez

    Ian Chavez
    Major(s): Neuroscience
    Minor(s): Spanish
    Class of 2019 (Expected)

  • Photo of Kara Ciizzari

    KC Cifizzari
    Major(s): Biology
    Minor(s): International Studies
    Class of 2019 (Expected)

  • Photo of Tonya Dickie

    Tonya Dickie
    Major(s): Pre-Occupational Therapy
    Minor(s): Liberal Studies
    Class of 2018 (Expected)

  • Photo of Jessica Duke

    Jessica Duke
    Major(s): Human Biology and Anthropology
    Minor(s): Spanish and General Honors Notation
    Class of 2019 (Expected)

  • Photo of Jaclyn Flores

    Jaclyn Flores
    Major(s): Linguistics and Spanish
    Minor(s): African Languages and Portuguese
    Class of 2019 (Expected)

  • photo of paola

    Paola Flores
    Major(s): International Studies
    Class of Spring, 2017 (Expected)

  • Picture of McNair Scholar Tyeisha Fordham

    Tyeisha Fordham
    Major(s): Criminal Justice and Psychology
    Minor(s): Spanish
    Class of 2019 (Expected)

  • Photo of Alondra Galvan Briones

    Alondra Galvan Briones
    Major(s): Community Health
    Minor(s): Spanish, Psychology, and Human Sexuality
    Class of 2019 (Expected)

  • Photo of William Jackson

    Bill Jackson
    Major(s): Biotechnology
    Minor(s): Chemistry
    Class of Spring 2019 (Expected)

  • WIlliam Jettinghoff
    Major(s): Psychology
    Minor(s): Linguistics, Philosophy
    Class of Spring 2018, (Expected)

  • Photo of Olivia Malone

    Olivia Malone
    Major(s): Law and Public Policy, Informatics
    Minor(s): Certificate of Research and Inquiry
    Class of Spring 2019 (Expected)

  • Picture of Mandy Reed

    Mandy Reed
    Major(s): Game Design
    Minor(s): Psychology
    Class of May, 2018 (Expected)

  • Photo of Skyla Turner

    Skyla Turner
    Major(s): Gender Studies and Sociology
    Class of 2018 (Expected)