Nelson Zounlome

Photo of Nelson Zounlome

South Bend, IN

Major(s): Psychology and Sociology
Minor(s): Political Science
Class of 2015

Brief statement about how the McNair Scholars Program helped you get where you are today.

This is by far the most beneficial program and organization that I have ever been a part of. McNair gives you the tools and skills necessary to achieve your goals and propel you to the next level of academia. This program not only got me started into research and conducting my own but has also allowed me to present that research all over the country. In addition, when people learn that you're a McNair Scholar you are instantly recognized as being hardworking, intelligent, and ready for graduate study. I would not have been able to accomplish half as much as I have today without McNair and all of the truly wonderful help and guidance they provide; things I would not have been able to receive anywhere else.

Any advice for new McNair Scholars?

Even though it may seem like they are asking you for a lot sometime (eg. seminars, conferences, research), know that McNair knows what they are doing and everything that it requires of you has a purpose. It will all benefit you in the end and you will be thankful for everything when looking back.