Nicholas Hillman

Hometown: Elkhart, IN

Currently: Assistant Professor, University Wisconsin-Madison


Degree: Bachelor of Art

Major: Public Affiars

Institution Indiana University

Class of: Spring, 2003


Degree: Master of Art

Major: Public Affairs

Institution Indiana University

Class of: Spring, 2005


Degree: Doctor of Philosophy

Major: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Institution Indiana University

Class of: Spring, 2010

Other Information

Brief statement about how the McNair Scholars Program helped you get where you are today.

McNair developed in me the skills and socialization necessary to be successful in graduate school. But more importantly, it instilled a sense of pride and confidence that I could succeed. It was the first time I truly felt accepted and appreciated in an academic environment, and it is where I first developed an identity as a scholar-in-making. I am now a tenured professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and point directly to my McNair experience as the catalyst that got me here. 

Any advice for new McNair Scholars?

Be you. And bring all of who you are to your research. Do not lose yourself or your identity in this quest. Your authenticity is what we need if we truly want to advance new knowledge, improve the human condition, and find new ways of understanding our complex world. Let your light shine through your scholarship. 

Addtional Information

Research area: Education policy.
Faculty mentors: Kirsten Grønbjerg (SPEA) and Don Hossler (Education).