Ireri Perez

Photo of Ireri Perez

Hometown: Elkhart, IN

Currently: Completing the Master of Arts in the Social Sciences program at the University of Chicago


Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Major: International Studies and Communication and Culture

Minor: Latino Studies and Spanish

Institution Indiana University

Class of: Spring, 2016

Other Information

Brief statement about how the McNair Scholars Program helped you get where you are today.

Without the McNair program I wouldn't have even considered graduate school as a possibility, thanks to the McNair program I now have the confidence and tools to succeed in graduate school. I'm still nervous and working through my own feelings of the "impostor syndrome" which can occur with first-generation, minority, and low-income students, but through being a part of the McNair program I have met role models, mentors, and friends that are always there to support me and to help me avoid those thoughts.

Any advice for new McNair Scholars?

Do your best, it will be a lot of new information but just keep at it as best you can. Also, be forgiving with yourself, not lazy, but understanding that this is a new process and you are learning and mistakes will probably be made. Best of luck!